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As you can see in the comments, JetBrains are truly jet-boosted, as they’ve responded really quickly. The key information (that was already available on the internet in archive blog posts, but I’ve missed that) is that IntelliJ IDEA 13 is supposed to be released in December 2013. So now it’s entirely up to you whether you buy with -10% discount now and pay for the upgrade then or you wait for 13. I leave the rest of the blog post without changes, so the comments make sense.

JetBrains (http://www.jetbrains.com) rock. Or rather their products rock. Regardless of whether we’re talking about .NET tools like ReSharper or CI (TeamCity) or other IDEs (IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm) - they are absolutely top notch and worth of the honest recommendation.

What’s (was) great as well is that they do not focus on corporate-ready commercial licenses only - you could buy a much cheaper personal license and few times a year they were offering really nice discounts (50% - 75%) on those. Unfortunately it seems that either people / companies exploited this offer (used personal licenses for commercial development in companies) or JetBrains just don’t like this way of promoting their products anymore.

In the current sales ("End of Summer"http://blogs.jetbrains.com/idea/2013/08/end-of-summer-sale-10-off-intellij-idea/) they offer -10% discount for IntelliJ IDEA only. Well, one could complain that it’s just 10% and just for 1 product, but it’s the salespeople right to do that. My right is to reject the offer and go for some other product. So, in theory there’s really no point in writing this blog post, but there’s one point that may be missed here:

JetBrains is going to release the new major version (13) of IntelliJ IDEA quite soon. According to the license - as a licensee you allowed to get the minor upgrades for free, but you have to pay 60% of total license cost for the major upgrade. It means that now you’ll get IDEA 12 with -10% discount, but in few months you’ll have to pay another 60% to remain up-to-date with all the new goodies.

Obviously they don’t say that openly.

Usually, after they release the new major version of a product, they announce that those who have bought the previous version within a given time frame will get updates for free. For now, there’s no such information in "End of Summer" sales info. I’ve asked such a question on Twitter, but they didn’t bother to answer.

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