Yesterday, I was asked to help with solving some kind of development problem by one of the new programmers on the project. I’ve started with examining the error messages displayed on the screen, but in a second or two, I needed to switch window and type some commands in PowerShell console, but then I saw *that*in front of me: 

Some of you may ask: what the *HELL* is that? Well, it’s a keyboard. Actually, quite a good one. Regardless of its atypical, symmetrical layout, it’s both mechanical and blank (no letter / digit labels). How nerdy is that? :) Basically, I’ve almost fell in love. If you want to read why the mechanical keyboard is so superior to the traditional one, here are the places to start:
TE 209 looks neat, but it’s not perfect. First, it’s damn expensive (230 bucks for a keyboard, OMG); second, its layout may be awesome for a typist, but not for a programmer, who’s more used to button layout that fits all the keyboard shortcut combinations. That’s why I’ve decided to check another interesting model: (Das Keyboard S Ultimate Clicky)
Bullseye, that’s exactly what I need :) For a far more reasonable price. Perfect toy for a geek within me. If you’re wondering why did I decide to go for a blank one - I don’t need it to learn typing without looking as actually I’ve learned that a long time ago. It’s just the cool factor :) Order’s already placed, now I just had to wait for the shipment’s arrival…
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