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This blog post is some sort of a supplement to my previous post on building teams organically - you can find it here.

As we all know, software developer job market is terribly twisted by huge disproportion between demand (crazy) & supply (barely dripping). Huge gap between these two has resulted in uncontrolled boom of a particular trend I find strongly harmful: developer "body-leasing"

Sebastian Gebski

Have you heard about groupthink before? If you didn't, this blog post is for you - better to know such vicious enemy before you actually encounter him ... The most clear (& still concise) definition I've found goes like that:

"Groupthink occurs when a group values harmony and coherence over accurate analysis and critical evaluation. It causes individual members of the group to unquestioningly follow

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It usually looks like this: there's already a decision about new product / project, people are extremely happy & eager to start straight away, silently expecting to "do it all perfectly" this time, avoiding all the mistakes from the past. But before they get into actual work, there's the sweetest & the most pleasant work to be done ... Visiting the armoury to pick the optimal

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The way people tend to twist the idea of self-organization & bottom-up team empowerment is both scary & fascinating in the same time. But the amusing part fades away quite quickly when you realize all the inefficiency & impotency that happen as a side effect. One of the most common (& most fatal ...) anti-patterns is known as design by committee.

I guess everyone has

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The term HiPPO (Highest Paid Person's Opinion) is getting quite popular in project management world (& IT in particular) recently. What's the fuss about? When there's a decision to be taken & various options are discussed, people tend to lean towards the opinion stated by the Highest Paid Person present. Why? Because ...

  • ... this is usually their superior
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I was chosen by Heaven.
Say my name when you pray.
To the sky! See Carolus rise.


No man alive or dead commands me, I answer to the Lord!
Hear my orders, question me and die.
What I say was set in Heaven, and so it shall be done!

Sabaton "Carolus Rex"

Anointed by the gods

We have a huge problem with leadership in

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Another conference (Confitura 2015), another boost of positive energy, inspiring ideas, sense of belonging to dynamic & developing community. I'll skip the usual session reviewing part this time, I'll focus on a very selective list of personal remarks instead:


Confitura's supposed to be a free conference: that's how its Orgs want it. But being a free Java conference held in a capital

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There are important thinking barriers to cross (break?) in a professional career of a software engineer. They are marked with some sort of epiphanies, for instance:

  1. "WTF?! I have to work with this legacy code, instead of creating something completely new?"
  2. "WTF?! How can I troubleshoot that if I don't have access to production DB?"
  3. "WTF?! I've just wanted to swap lib A for