Sebastian Gebski

There's nothing permanent in software engineering. Consider building services for Internet applications - for the last few years service design principles were quite straightforward:

  • stateless >>> stateful
  • sticky session (& session affinity) are made of suck
  • if you really, really need session, at least make it immutable
  • build a dedicated service layer, but make it as lightweight as possible & keep the state in separate
Sebastian Gebski

Few days ago I've run into this article on InfoQ:
I found it amusing enough to dive deeper here (link taken from the article):

I won't keep you guessing any longer - my amusement isn't about the overall idea of IODA or this horizontal to vertical

Sebastian Gebski

The concept of Microservices, even if a bit ephemeral, gets a lot of love nowadays. Reasons are quite straightforward, so I'm not going through that once again - what bothers me is some kind of misconception / overinterpretation I've already encountered few times.

Microservices (MS):

  • YES, encapsulate service business logic for coherent & compact slice of (sub-)domain
  • YES, encapsulate persistent data that business logic
Sebastian Gebski

Microservices (as a topic) are alive & wiggling. I assume you know what they are about & you've got some clue about the substance of criticism that has hit them. I'm not really that much interested in MS as such, but I'm far more concerned with the general issue of building complex, integrated solutions in a maintainable (long-term) way:

  • testable
  • modular - to distinguish