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Just some random thoughts / stuff I've bumped into recently. Enjoy.

Interweave tests in support

I love this legacy code rule (it's supposed to help fighting the technical debt):

When you touch any existing piece of code, always leave it in at least slightly better shape than it was before.

It makes sense, sounds golden, but it's quite intangible (or ephemeral) by its nature. What

Sebastian Gebski

JavaScript (& the descendants of so-called traditional web stack) is everywhere. In browsers, on mobile, on low-energy tech (IoT) even on the server-side. Regardless of its flaws & limitations, it didn't succumb - quite the opposite - it's evolving & what's more interesting, it's forking in so many directions that it's quite hard to comprehend, if you want to remain up-to-date. I've already written

Sebastian Gebski

I've spend some time on prototyping a modular SPA hub that meets the following core requirements:

  • from users perspective - it all looks like one app (seamless navigation, same looks, shared layout, etc.)
  • it consists of independently developed (by different people) modules, BUT these modules may use other modules' presentation elements (on some established level)
  • modules are supposed to be automatically testable (incl. presentation
Sebastian Gebski

The number of awesome libraries for HTML5 + CSS3 + JS is overwhelming. Pretty much every day I find something absolutely awesome, that I’d like to give a try the very second I spotted it. What is more, the vast majority of those are free, so personally I see a very little justification for buying expensive widget libraries like KendoUI (