If you’re reading this I suppose we can assume you already know what CQRS (by Greg Young) is. Quite likely you may have already been hooked by the idea. Presumably you’ve watched Greg’s videos (http://youtu.be/KXqrBySgX-s), you’ve read Udi Dahan’s clarification (http://www.udidahan.com/2009/12/09/clarified-cqrs/) or at last but not least - you’ve seen Martin Fowler’s article on his bliki (http://martinfowler.com/bliki/CommandQuerySeparation.html).

Or maybe you’ve participated in any software development conference lately? There are so many of those and you can hardly find any that lacks a CQRS presentation nowadays. One could risk a statement that wherever you go, there will be at least one CQRS evangelist in the room :)

But, in the end, have you met at least one living person who has really made CQRS-based project? Anything more complicated than a tutorial / demo? I didn’t. Is it about evil project managers who are either reluctant of such investment or can’t really understand the details of such approach? Dunno, maybe, but I doubt it. What’s the reason then?

I don’t have any answer ready for now. Maybe the idea is not mature enough. Maybe the product coverage (especially for the event-sourcing part) is too limited for now. Or maybe it’s too new and people don’ buy it yet. Anyway, it seems to be more and more tempting to be the first one to try :)

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