We’re deeply in some tricky proof of concept of advertisement app architecture for web, so I don’t have any fancy post for you today, but there’s something I’d like to share: Some time ago I’ve mentioned JavaScript frameworks for MVC applications on the client-side. The one we’re using in practice is named Backbone.js (http://backbonejs.org/). It’s tricky as hell, but in the end very efficient and powerful.

Recently I’ve found a very nice and short tutorial on Backbone recently, but it’s not the content that impressed me that much - check the link to find out (http://backbone-dot-js-intro.heroku.com) - hint: use left and right arrow to navigate. If you’re surprised that such frameworks exist (because you’ve never heard about them) and you think noone but some geeks use that, your wrong and you should check this out as well - AngularJS (http://angularjs.org) by Google.

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