To-doing. Any ideas?

I’m looking for a good tool for personal / business task management. Again. Yes, I’ve tried several tools before, but none of them met my needs. Basic requirements are:

  • My tasks should be stored in the cloud and accessible on several platforms. Minimum set consists of: browser, Android, WP7.5. iOS is welcome as well.
  • Categorization is a must. Tagging is very welcome.
  • Precise deadline’ing and additional reminders are a necessity.
  • Virtual actors and assigning them to tasks are nice to have (but welcome)
  • Last but not least - it has to look awesome :D
I’ve already tried:
  1. OneNote - awesome as a scratchpad, but terrible if you’re going to organize something using it
  2. Evernote - present on all platforms, but very buggy and no deadlining
  3. Springpad - limited availability, poor deadlining
  4. Outlook - poor readability, but great scheduling
  5. Google Calendar - just calendar perspective = not enough for me
  6. XMind - mindmapping doesn’t work that way well…
Anyone has any product they could recommend?
Any opinions on .myTimeOrganizer, Remember The Milk, Astrid or
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