If you’ve read my past posts before, you’re already aware of the fact that I’m really keen on Pluralsight (http://pluralsight.com/training). The quality and breadth of on-line courses offered by them is currently unmatched. They’ve very active in terms of acquisitions - in last few months they’ve managed to snatch (pardon the word…):

But the best was to come … The news hit on last Wednesday - Pluralsight has just acquired Rob Conery’s Tekpub! (http://tekpub.com/): http://wekeroad.com/2013/10/30/tekpub/expanding  ; http://blog.pluralsight.com/2013/10/30/pluralsight-acquires-tekpub/

Tekpub is (was) known as the second best source for tech-related on-line video courses on the web. It doesn’t contain that much content, but great line of authors guarantee the top notch quality of materials provided:

  • Scott Hanselman
  • Rob Conery
  • Jon Skeet
  • Udi Dahan
  • Ayende Rahien
  • Sam Saffron
  • … and many more

Now, you don’t have to choose any more - due to one, single Pluralsight subscription you’ll have the access to clearly and undoubtedly best library of tech on-line courses.

There’s a tiny, disturbing feeling about the market being monopolized by a serious vendor - and some people don’t like Pluralsight’s business model already (you have to buy a subscription and you have a full access to whole library as long as you’re paying - works the same way Spotify does):

  • you can’t choose the content for yourself - you’re paying for everything, so you can’t pay less for picking less
  • you can’t buy an “eternal” access to particular course(s): when your subscription expires, you have nothing (except of what you’ve already learned & memorized)

There’s always a threat that now, after the acquisitions, Pluralsight will mess with the prices (to compensate the expenditures) - giving up on paying them is more painful now, when there’s no sensible alternative.

Anyway, for now - if you don’t have a Pluralsight subscription, I advice you to get one. If your employer doesn’t want to cover the cost - go for it by yourself: this is the investment you shouldn’t regret a penny on.

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