Pardon my limited activity on blog during last few days, but I have my reasons - I’m working hard on PMP exam preparation. The outcome will be know tomorrow, as this is the day of TEST :) 200 questions, 4 hours of full focus and the short answer - got it or failed. We’ll see about that, keep your fingers crossed (if you wish me well).

But few interesting things happened in the meantime:
  • Microsoft has announced plenty of Azure goods on their latest event - Meet Windows Azure ( Sadly, it was held in US (but honestly, we couldn’t expect it done any different), so I’ve spent half of the night watching streamcasts, but it was worth the spent time. What are the most interesting changes / additions?
    • refreshed portal (accessible as Preview now) - plenty of new information available and great looks
    • support for Visual Studio 2012 RC
    • website offering - cheap, flexible, utilizing … MySQL o_O
    • IaaS offering, including various pre-prepared Linux images (SUSE, Ubuntue, etc.)
    • and some features that were announced earlier - Hadoop and media services
          If you’ve missed the event, you still can watch the speeches you’re interested in - they’ve already started to appear here:
  • JetBrains have released version 2.0 of their unit test coverage support tool - dotCover. I gave it a go and it looks very stable. Most important new features:
    • separate test runner (important if you don’t have a ReSharper)
    • attribute filtering (finally!)
    • support for Visual Studio 2012 RC
    • support for dynamically generated NUnit test cases
    • many navigation tweaks
          You can find more info about dotCover here:
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