Finally, after 3 months of waiting (my first interviewer didn’t pay much attention to his duties…), I’ve obtained another scalp - internal (employer-specific) Technology Architect certification within Accenture. As you may already know, the more complex deal is, the more roles are involved and some roles have to be played by people with proper certificate - TA is a great example of that: it’s required in delivery projects above given value.

I’ll skip all the internal details (levels, procedures, forms, etc.) as these are irrelevant for people who don’t know Accenture (and if you work here, you’ll easily find all the details on your own). My point (and the reason why I write all of that) is that even if you don’t care much for the certification itself, it’s always good to measure your skills with some global standards, isn’t it?

In my case, my initial application was turned down, as I had some areas to improve (I’ve got plenty of experience in application architecture and development architecture areas, but I didn’t do much in infrastructure or security architecture) - so I needed some additional time to read-up and put my hands on some examples in “out-of-my-comfort-zone” architectures. Which is good of course, as any hints about where I should broaden my knowledge are very valuable of course :)
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