Location: Warsaw, PL

For money:

  • Principal Solutions Architect for Amazon Web Services - I cooperate mainly with startups in Central & Eastern Europe - as a trusted advisor, expert architect, a person with former CTO/VPEng experience who may have already been where my customers (especially the early-stage ones) are aiming towards
  • evangelizing the advantages of well-crafted cloud architectures in the tech community (meetups, conferences, content to read/watch/listen to)
  • diving very deep into bleeding-edge data analytics in the cloud

For fun / leasure / kix'n'giggles:

  • learning Danish (yeah, don't ask ;>)
  • upbringing a young, promising person (my offspring) so she becomes an independent, sober-minded, pragmatic adult person in future
  • Kotlin (as a backdoor to JVM ecosystem - but w/o using Java ;>)
  • all things observability

Last update: 2022.09.27