Location: Warsaw, PL

For money:

  • coach, cheerleader, manager, sage, judge, executor, ahead-thinker, observer, navigator, Chief Critic Officer, information visualiser, manager, facilitator, ... - anything that would help people to Get The Stuff Done
  • The Engineer
  • ... and yes, cultivating growth of the healthy engineering culture is still my ob-sess-ion ...
  • technical leadership - since I've found out this is what truly elevates the game

For fun / leasure / kix'n'giggles:

  • Rust - because I love its expressive power
  • Elixir - because it's functional programming done right
  • .NET - because apparently MSFT has done the impossible and fixed the major flaws of that ecosystem
  • mindfulness, stoicism, meditation as an excercise for the mind
  • running (like there's no tomorrow)
  • behavioral psychology (in plenty of contexts: teamwork, leadership, satisfaction, effectiveness ...)

Last update: 2020.12.07