MTS 2013 - the biggest Microsoft Tech conference in Poland ( is going to happen in 2 months time. Honestly, if you asked me about MTS few years ago, I’d really recommend attending - IMHO it was a great opportunity to meet interesting people (Clemens Vasters! CLEMENS VASTERS!), ask about some insider info, discuss the product road maps that were (and are) not always revealed for open public.

But reality has changed - what’s the point of MTS if you can get more and better content in live-streams (also recorded for future reference) from world-wide BUILD conference? Everything is easily accessible on the internet, new products are announced, presented and CTPed - noone’s waiting with that for local conference in Poland :) As a result, all the MTS conference content is outdated (if you keep yourself reasonably up-to-date).

What is more, the list if interesting speakers is shrinking each year - personally I don’t have anything against John Craddock, he seems like a nice guy with a lot of experience… but I just can stand him talking, he puts me to sleep instantly. And usually the list of foreign speakers contains one well-known entry - him. How is that even possible that Microsoft Polska never manages to get one of their widely known (and respected) evangelists? For instance, why won’t they invite Scott Hanselman?

And finally - topics .. Well, you can judge by yourself: (sorry, polish only). In my case - none of those has really rocked my world. These look more like sales meetings that something applicable for real developers who actually do stuff :P

To summarize - I opt for DevDay 2013 ( - just 1 day, but MUCH more interesting (uncomparable at all) and loaded with both interesting people and topics.

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