Few days have already passed since the Tesla Powerwall announcement

Supposedly the first "wave" of hype has already cooled down & it may be a good time for a personal statement:

I do believe.
That this item may truly change the future of humanity.

It may be just a battery, but if it lives up to the expectations (or rather - to what has been promised), it will be a HUGE change for everyone (families, enterprises, whole societies & industries), for our everyday's life, for the future of whole freakin' planet.

I keep my fingers crossed for Elon Musk & his crew. He may be an asshole (as some who know him claim he is), tyrant for his people, genuine sociopath, but in the end it's quite likely that he'll leave a very clear imprint in the history of mankind all of us could only dream about.

"Exegi monumentum aere perennius."
Horace, Carmina III 30, 1

Just one more remark to conclude this short post: whenever I hear something about Powerwall, I keep coming back to the keynote talk of Alf Rehn at Craft Conf 2015:

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Or more precisely to his words about:

  • how little the innovation in technology of modern day truly bring us (as society) ...
  • ... and how much would we truly change, if harnessed our abilities to actually help people in real distress instead of addressing meaningless desires of those who have excessive cash to spend

P.S. Yes, I've seen the retail price of Powerwall. Yes, I realize it's not affordable for everyone. But I still think it's a great leap forward - tech will become more widespread soon, production methods will get cheaper, prices will go down - just like it was for computers, mobile phones or any other tech devices before.

Pic: © Tesla Motors

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