So, you’ve heard something about HTML5. It’s supposed to be super cool, but you’re not technical, so you have no real clue what’s all the fuss about.

Which websites are HTML5? Or maybe there are none yet? How will I recognize the HTML5 site, does it look any different than other sites?
I have some good news for you - there’s a collection of nice demos presenting some of HTML5/CSS3 features and you can find it here:
If you don’t have time to check all the 47 examples, make sure that you get familiar with the following ones:
  1. CSS 3D Clouds - (try moving cursor!)
  2. CSS3 Animations -!/css3-animations
  3. Scroll effects -
  4. Wave - (try moving cursor!)
  5. Morphing cubes -
  6. Particle system - (try clicking in the central panel)
  7. Zeitgeistbot - (just check this menu - best on the web!)
  8. Cloth simulation -
  9. Canvas video - (click the video!)
And none of those requires external plugins. It will work on any HTML5 compliant browser, (what means pretty much any browser if you keep it up-to-date) regardless of the hardware behind (whether it’s PC, tablet or smartphone).
If you want to check some technical info, but still in a very interactive form - here’s your link:
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