In modern day, you can’t avoid having data in the cloud (of whatever sort). You most likely have created that many on-line service accounts that you remember less than half of them. That means a lot of logins, passwords, secret questions - quite many of them integrated (via Gravatar, Microsoft Passport, other STSes, etc.). It’s already quite a mess, but there’s also one important factor that is usually ignored or underestimated - licenses.

Why do I mention that - because of newly introduced Google Drive: Mountain View’s equivalent of DropBox / SkyDrive. Jeremy Gibbs took some time to compare the terms of service for all mentioned and he has found out that Google is pushing the border VERY FAR. You can check it right here: 

More clarification can be found here:
And I know some client people who strongly insisted on keeping project documents on DropBox as it’s thaaaat convenient for them. Be warned.
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