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On 11th of Dec I'll be presenting some introductory stuff about Domain Driven Design at WG.NET (Meetup event link is here). If you were always wondering what's the DDD fuss about & why people still keep talking about the famous "blue book": here's your opportunity to find out.

You know what's even better? There'll be a raffle - every participant will have a chance to win something really cool. More details at the event.

Here's a ...


There are so many methods / frameworks / good practices shaped up to organize & tidy up software development, testing and even IT project management. But all of them focus either on purely technical or 100% management-bound aspects of software craftmanship, while totally ignoring (or rather "walking around") anything that's design-related. It's hard to find any formal approach to application / system design, well excluding more & less lame (& dead) notations like BPMN or UML.

There's an honorable exception though & it's called "Domain Driven Design" - aimed to aid software development process by tighly binding the implementation with so-called Domain Models. It's creator & primary evangelist, Eric Evans, claims that using rules & concepts introduced by DDD, you can create software that's:

  • more suited for users' needs
  • better aligned with even the most complex business scenarios
  • far easier to maintain & develop further

Rapidly growing popularity of DDD should make you at least consider that there's at least some truth in that ...

The key objective of my presentation is to introduce you to the basic concepts & building blocks of DDD & share my own observations, based on actual project experience with DDD. So you can make your own opinion on the points above :)

Short agenda:

  1. The one deadly sin of design
  2. How we do it usually & what the outcome
  3. What DDD is & what DDD isn't
  4. Key concepts & building blocks
  5. DDD in practice - "the warstory"
  6. References - where to dig next

Time: 11.12 (Thu)
Venue: Room 328 (Wydział Matematyki i Nauk Informacyjnych Politechniki Warszawskiej), ul. Koszykowa 75, Warsaw, PL
The admission is free, no up-front registration is required, but we'd appreciate if you made the effort to mark your interest here:

The talk is estimated for about 1 hour, but, But, BUT ...

That's not all!

Because this Thursday WG.NET will actually host TWO presentations! So if DDD doesn't sound good enough for you, you're more than welcome to come & listen to Jakub "gutek" Gutkowski, who'll be speaking about .NET without VS. Are we condemned to use Microsoft's IDE (that has its drawbacks ...) or is there any sensible alternative?

Warning ;)

This time - no code in my presentation. Just some "cheap talk" ;>

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