I’ve decided to share two amazing links - you may like them if you enjoyed my latest presentation about Big Data and / or if you like the idea of Data as a Service.

  1. WindMap - actual map of winds blowing over the US :) (http://hint.fm/wind/) - powered by National Digital Forecast Database. It’s fully zoomable and despite the fact of not finding it very useful for myself :) I have to admit it looks amazing.
  2. Amazon has just announced that they will host humongous project of hosting and analyzing data of 1000 genomes (roughly 200 terabytes of data). All the scientific analysis will be possible directly in the cloud, so there’ll be no more need for downloading all the data locally. You can find the amusing details here - http://www.theverge.com/2012/3/29/2910768/amazon-web-services-hosting-1000-genomes-project
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