Mission accomplished.

As I’ve planned, I’ve made a little effort to migrate all the posts from my old Wordpress blog to Tumblr. Over 120 posts migrated automatically using Tumblr API and some Scala coding. Honestly - it was fun. Not because it was either challenging or much of an accomplishment. It’s just about Scala stuff being so refreshing and … different. Working with IntelliJ and Maven is so different from Visual Studio and NuGet experience, but still - you can do some codework very quickly and very efficiently using this toolset.

Mark of quality - stamped!

Back to the migrated blog posts though - please keep in mind, that the source blog wasn’t exactly a typical one. All the posts were available only internally and intended audience consisted of young programmers and analysts (who don’t necessarily have technical background). I’ve put some effort in manually polishing some statements (after migration) and I’ve removed as many direct references to my employer as possible, but some sentences still make look awkward (because you may lack some corporate context which would make those more obvious).

Anyway, I hope you’ll still find something interesting for you there.

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