(This post has been published with a delay due to site’s maintenance). Today’s the end of so called "long weekend" in Poland. If you took vacation on 30th of April, 2nd of May and 4th of May, you had full 9 days of enjoyable free time (and that’s what majority have done). I didn’t - I was doing project work not only on those 3 days, but also in previous weekend, on public holiday and this weekend as well. And I’m writing that here not because I’m particularly proud of myself - but to warn you.

I don’t have much problem with working on free days or in overtime, because I truly enjoy what I do (software engineering, systems architecture, project management). But there’s huge difference between doing project stuff or just some random coding (R&D, PoC, technology proof or just learning) - they are both coding, but the first one can burn you out very quickly and the second one can be a true refreshment (even if they are based on the same technology tools).
Learn on my mistake - tomorrow another challenging week will start and I’m 100% fed up with everything :(
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