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It's already over 3 months since I've swapped my primary code-crafting devmachine with Dell XPS 13 (2015) - sounds like the high time for first conclusions & bold statements ^_^

Before that, a brief clarification - I knew exactly what I was looking for. No more stout, heavy, highest-specced ~2.5 kg "suitcases":

  • mobility over capacity
  • comfort over features
  • agility over raw power

Lightweight is

Sebastian Gebski

I seriously DO think that PowerPoint is an abomination, one of the worst Microsoft products ever & extensive using PowerPoint is a straightforward method of crippling you brain. Permanently ;P And as I keep repeating these statements whenever I have an occasion (someone mentions PowerPoint), there's always someone surprised. So let's deal with that once & for all - here's my ...

Anti-PPTX Manifesto

  1. Flexible

Sebastian Gebski

And how does it work in practice?

Installation was smooth and it didn’t require much configuration. If you want to debug mocked code, you need to link Typemock Isolator with profiler / code coverage tool : the default one is Visual Studio profiler, but more options are supported. Unfortunately my version of Isolator (6.2.3) had some problems with IntelliTrace, so I had