Sebastian Gebski

The waiting is over.

Army is assembled and in the field already.
Facing enemies that are stronger then ever, already entrenched & most likely packed with surprises.

The forthcoming battle may answer a very important question - is there still a place for Microsoft in post-PC era? A significant one?

The counter attack

It's very clearly visible that Microsoft has learned a lot &

Sebastian Gebski

I had a completely different idea for today's blog post (ok, to be honest, I always have a few "almost-ready" blog posts waiting in queue to be published), but today's events have forced me to change the priorities. What has happened today? VSConnect happened.

Microsoft has picked up today's date to make a few ground-shaking announcements (use this tag to follow the communication stream

Sebastian Gebski

Today started with big news - Microsoft has bought the devices division of Nokia ( Clearly, they are getting more and more desperate to actually get some non-virtual market share in mobile market. But is resurrecting Nokia (who I considered as pretty-dead at the moment …) really a way to do that?

Microsoft isn’t