Sebastian Gebski

Few days ago I've encountered a short quote that had nailed something very important IMHO:

"Walt Disney. Steve Jobs. Bill Gates.

They were all micromanagers. What is it the the most successful leaders micromanaged? They micromanaged product, they didn't micromanage people."

Jim Highsmith, Thoughtworks at ParadigmShift 2014

Simply brilliant.

Musk, Bezos, Jobs & their alikes - obsessed with their vision, people who really know

Sebastian Gebski

*** Warning! This blog post contains shitloads of irony. Use with caution! ***

So, you want to be a *micromanager*? The shiny center of the universe, the ultimate source of universal knowledge, the last hope for hopeless and despaired, the *only* one who’s always right. You’ve come to the perfect place … Let me give you some advice …