Sebastian Gebski

August 2015

Me: Hey dude, how's it going? Whatcha doin'?
Dude: Playing with Docker, cool stuff. Sniffing around, trying to figure out things.

December 2015

Me: Hey dude, how are things? Doin' anything interesting lately?
Dude: Playing with Docker, neat thing. Hard to grasp, but very promising.

April 2016

Me: Hey dude, what's up? Cooking something up?
Dude: Playing with Docker, truly impressive plaything.

Sebastian Gebski

The Formula

IMHO tech skills are 10% talent + 20% engineering common-sense + 20% theoretical knowledge + 50% practical experience. If I've under-estimated any of these, it's most likely (still) the practical experience.

Needless to say - it's not ANY practical experience. Going through tutorials on every possible topic is still something, but to actually learn & improve, you have to challenge yourself:

  • to learn something new
Sebastian Gebski

You all know how this business is alike: if you’re not learning, you’re getting out of the game quickly - knowledge that is more than 3 years old is pretty much worthless. That’s why you should use every possible opportunity to invest in your self-development: fortunately many companies understand that pretty well already. This blog post is just