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Sebastian Gebski

Are cloud providers evolving just like banks did?

Disclaimer: ALL the opinions presented in this article are my private ones. They should not be associated with any of my employers: neither current nor past ones. The strategic directions I identify/refer to in this article are based solely on 100% PUBLIC information - I am not leaking any...

Sebastian Gebski

Afera z widłami w tle ...

Disclaimer: this post will be available only in Polish (for now). It was triggered by a discussion in a local IT community in Poland and TBH I'm not even sure whether there are similar discussions in other communities - AFAIK there are not, but maybe there are things I'm not...

Sebastian Gebski

Changes, changes, changes

"There's nothing permanent except change." - Heraclitus Disclaimer: this post is relevant to you only if you're a frequent visitor (of No Kill Switch). It's about the future of this blog and nothing else. To keep the long story short: 1. During the last 12 months, I've changed (matured? evolved?...

Sebastian Gebski

What I use for live-demoing/live-coding (on macOS)

I'm not a slide-deck person. Yes, sometimes visuals are essential (still - in such cases, I prefer infinite whiteboards like Miro), but nothing beats presenting tech concepts/tools in action. Unfortunately, live-coding/live-demoing is very challenging because of the obvious reasons: * adjustment of the level of detail * getting stuck when...

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